Poisoning the Well 3000 Sub SHOT Out Special: So Much Ass to Kiss

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Poisoning the Well Shot Out Special: You fools really did it this time. With 3000 subscribers under our belt, world domination is within our sights. Thanks so much to all of you. We’ve enjoyed the shit out of our experience on YouTube. Please check out all of these awesome channels and give them a sub right now!

Oh… And it’s PhatPat’s birthday today so show the bastard some love. I stayed up late to edit this video for his birthday since I forgot to buy him a gift. His favorite thing is attention so this should be better than the sack of tangerines I was going to get him anyway. ~ So Fain

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SHOT OUTS! (We seriously did so many shots filming this video. It took us forever. So freakin’ wasted.)

#1 – DeadHead Animation –…

Clip guest star: Skeptical Unchild –…

#2 – NoMore Dogma –…

#3 – Smells Like E Minor –…

#4 – DataTwoHearts –…

#5 – Feud Tube –

There are lots of other channels that deserve more subs and we’ll do more shot outs for more of them when we reach 5000 subs! Pay it forward, kids. Help out good channels with less subs than you. Cool new content helps us all!


Thank you to:

Logicked –

FishHeadSalad –…

Tony Reed –

Oskar Jungell –

The Goddamn Podcast –…

Packard Pokes At –…

Nightmare Fuel Podcast –…


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