Poisoning the Well: Jenny McDermott Didn’t Go Far Enough To Stop Armoured Skeptic!

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Poisoning the Well – Episode 14: Since the last PTW video was released, avid Social Justice Warrior and Feminist Jenny McDermott launched an all-out attack on Armoured Skeptic and shoe0nhead. Excitement quickly spread among the douchebag apologist community as PhatPat and So Fain’s killer robot – the Cyberdyne Systems SJW-1000 – chose it’s latest victims in the Atheist community. Claims of rape, censorship, betrayal and more were made and the SJW drama grew… only to have a rather disappointing ending. In this quick video, God’s Anointed Douchebags present their simple solution to the problem of taking down the Atheist community’s fastest growing skeptic channel. Was that so hard, Jenny?!?

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Filmed at 7 Deadly Studios in Atlanta, GA.
Produced by My Favorite Sin.


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Thanks to the entire community for all of the laughs over the last several weeks!

Also, thanks to EeT MeeL for sending us the delicious Wicked Weed Pernicious IPA that we drank while filming this episode. Seriously… You rock!

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