Poisoning the Well: Outtakes, Bloopers, and Fail Compilation #1

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Episode 6: After only 5 episodes, Poisoning the Well is already releasing a blooper reel. Why? Because we’re terrible at YouTube. Witness the tireless preparation, gratuitous drinking, impromptu singing, blown lines, ridiculous infighting, battles with Sid Vicious and Sinner, and horrible comments that ended up on the cutting room floor of YouTube’s least watched Christian Science video series. #thestruggleisreal

But where is our usual atheist fighting, science destroying content? Fear not, intrepid subscriber, we will return in a week with a new video where God’s Anointed Douchebags once again take on the Atheists and Scientists who continue to force us, against our will, into the future.

NSFW: When we make mistakes we curse a lot… And we mean A LOT. We also drink too much and that doesn’t help either.

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