Poisoning the Well: Rick Joyner’s Super Bowl 50 Prophecy

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Poisoning the Well – Episode 12: Super Bowl 50 is not just a culmination of the NFL season, it’s also a prophetic sign that a Christian “awakening” is going to sweep across America. But don’t take God’s Anointed Douchebags’ word for it… Rick Joyner of MorningStar Ministries and his friend the “prophet” Bob Jones have foreseen a national revival being started with a Super Bowl win by the Carolina Panthers. Be prepared, Atheists, because Cam Newton’s throwing arm is about to change your mind on the validity of Christianity.

This was not a scheduled episode for us, but when we saw this clip, we knew we had to take a few minutes to share the good news with our loyal congregation. We’re sure that you will all react to this news of the Third Christian Awakening in America with the same enthusiasm that we did.

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Filmed at 7 Deadly Studios in Atlanta, GA.
Produced by My Favorite Sin.

Original Video: RWW News: Rick Joyner Says A Carolina Panthers Super Bowl Win Is A Prophetic Sign

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