Poisoning the Well Science Special: Do Dogs Have Brains? The Dog IQ Test!

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Poisoning the Well – Episode 20 – “Poisoning the Lab #2”: Do dogs have brains? Are they creatures of God? Can it be scientifically proven? Who can answer these deep philosophical and scientific questions? That’s right. We can. PhatPat and So Fain are taking the dogs into the laboratory to get answers and settle this debate once and for all! Along with special science communicator Trisha Paytas, we have developed a special IQ test for dogs to determine whether or not they have brains and if they are indeed just adorable minions of Satan! Don’t miss this special science report and risk having tiny, furry Satanists living in your home among your children!

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Filmed at 7 Deadly Studios in Atlanta, GA.
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blndsundoll4mj: Do Dogs Even Have Brains?

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