Poisoning the Well: #Trump2016 in Chalk Triggers Drama Queens at Emory University & Fox News

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Poisoning the Well – Episode 16: In PhatPat and So Fain’s home town of Atlanta, Georgia a local college campus has erupted into chaos! On 24 March 2016, social media users began sharing articles reporting that students at Emory University were “traumatized” by chalk graffiti promoting Donald Trump’s presidential candidacy, and that “emergency counseling” had been offered to students who felt their “safe spaces” had been violated. Fox News quickly took up the story and devoted hours of air time to attacking the Social Justice Warrior filled student body at Emory. “Build a wall around Emory!” The news is filled with stories of cultural appropriation and social justice triggering on American university campuses. It’s time Poisoning the well joined the battle and added to the confusion surrounding these adult day care centers!

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Chafe Spaces: A controversy at Emory University over graffiti promoting Donald Trump led to some predictably inaccurate media reports.…

Media off base in claims about Emory counseling after Trump incident…

And, of course, hours of coverage from Fox News. #Trump #Trump2016

Sources used well within the bounds of Fair Use laws for criticism and satire. Don’t be douchebags, Fox News.