PTW: Knocking Out TWO Atheists at The Same Time! Jaclyn Glenn & Theoretical Bullshit

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Poisoning the Well – Episode 9: God’s Anointed Douchebags know one thing… Atheists don’t take them seriously. In this video, they strike out to make names for themselves and prove that they are the best Christian Apologists on YouTube. But what Atheist video has the starpower to allow them to display their superior apologetics? Then their producer found it. A video that shows Jaclyn Glenn in an alleged case of plagiarizing a TheoreticalBullshit (AKA Scott Clifton) video discussing the Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage including Kim Davis and Mike Huckabee. That doesn’t matter tho. They don’t even need to see it first. Atheists and liberals say the same things over and over anyway, right? Besides, all Atheists are overweight, awkward, liberal hippies just waiting for a take down. There is blood in the water and it’s time to strike. Internet stardom awaits! Nothing will stand in their way. Nothing will stop them. Get ready to take notes, Christian Apologists, because you are about to take a class on how to take down two Atheists at the same time!


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Atheist Jaclyn Glenn Steals from Atheist TheoreticalBullshit