#SaveMarinaJoyce – Marina Joyce Was Only the Beginning! #SavePhatPat

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Poisoning the Well – Episode 22: Based on a True Story! In a crazy series of events unlike anything we have ever seen, fashion vlogger Marina Joyce was recently catapulted into fame due to a conspiracy theory that she was being forced to film YouTube videos for an abusive boyfriend, or even worse… That she had been kidnapped by the Islamic State (ISIS) and was trying to lure fans into a trap. Quickly, fans rushed to social media to help Marina. But let’s not be fooled… Even tho Marina says that this was a publicity stunt that was conducted by her fans, it wasn’t entirely their fault. Marina Joyce fueled the fire. Recently her YouTube and YouNow (livestream) videos have taken a dark turn: In the YouTube video that finally fanned the flames of the conspiracy into an out of control blaze, “DATE OUTFIT IDEAS,” she seemed almost drugged and was speaking with an unfocused, half-smiling expression while doing slow, awkward turns in front of the camera. She then took this same bizarre behavior to multiple interviews and even seemed to be confirming the kidnapping theory on Twitter. Quickly, the hashtag #SaveMarinaJoyce was trending on Twitter thanks to over 700,000 tweets. People literally stayed up all night looking for clues and the trolls fed them all of the tin-foil hat goodness that they could swallow.

However, for Poisoning the Well, the trouble only began there. When PhatPat learns that this odd story had earned Marina Joyce over a million new subscribers, he sets out on his own campaign using Marina’s playbook… And there is seemingly nothing that So Fain can do to stop it.


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