The Results Are In: Winner Declared in the 2016 Presidential Election

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Poisoning the Well – Election Day Special: The 2016 Presidential Election is finally coming to a close.  Election Day has come at last and America has made it’s choice.  The results are in!  Who is the winner and who is the big loser?  Well, when the choice is Hillary Clinton or Donald trump, maybe there is more than one loser….  Maybe there are millions.  Welcome to the 2016 Electoral College Clickbait Shitshow.

PhatPat and So Fain have managed to largely stayed quiet about the election (except that So Fain has the odd Twitter freakout – the hypocrite) but today is finally the day when we can piss off half of our subscribers and flush this channel down the toilet before it ever really has a chance.  No script, plenty of booze, and a bad attitude always mix with politics…  Right?

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