Trumpocalypse Now: Living and Dying with the Donald Trump Victory

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Poisoning the Well – Episode 25: The 2016 Presidential Election is over and Donald Trump will be the 45th President of the United States.  However, if you think the drama is done, you could not be more wrong.  Democrats believe that Democracy just died while Republicans think all of America’s problems were miraculously solved on November 8th.  The media is inundated with videos and images of riots and social unrest and it would lead you to believe that half of the country is in full revolt while the other half jeers and mocks them.  Judging from Social Media and the 24 hour new channels, there are no moderates and no middle ground to speak of.

It is in this environment that PhatPat and So Fain have decided to deal with their political differences in very different ways.

How can a moderate liberal like So Fain carry on like nothing happened?  How can he handle the loss with dignity when the simple fact remains that some Democrats are losing their minds?  Shouldn’t all liberals be painted with the SJW brush?  Aren’t all liberals really just Social Justice Warriors facing death in the Trump Apocalypse?  If you are a Democrat that doesn’t want to throw yourself from a bridge, maybe you should just do it anyway, you pussy!  Pack your bags and move to Canada but make sure to spam Twitter with #NotMyPresident first!

And how can a moderate conservative like PhatPat simply accept the victory with grace and dignity?  Isn’t everyone in the GOP camp spiking the football in all of their liberal friends faces?  Aren’t all Republicans now ravenous Trump fans and sore winners?  Isn’t it the mission of the winning party to humiliate the other side and burn as many bridges as possible?  If you are a Republican and you are not using every waking moment to humiliate the losing party, then maybe you just aren’t a real patriot, you pussy!  Now get out there and Make America Great Again with your Facebook rants!

How can America come together and heal this divide between the two parties?  Screw you.  That’s how.

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