Tana Mongeau Attacked by iDubbbz with “The N Word”

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Poisoning the Well: Tana Mongeau is a “Story Time” YouTuber with over 2.5 Million subscribers. She has come under fire for exaggerating, and possibly fabricating, many of the stories that led her to having such a popular channel. And this tendency for dramatics and stretching the truth led her into a confrontation with the last creator that anyone on this website wants to cross… iDubbbzTV.

In a fit of self-righteousness, Tana sent tweets at iDubbbz calling him out for using the “N Word” and telling him to kill himself. iDubbbz, a staunch free speech advocate, did a quick look into her own background and discovered videos and tweets of Tana using the same word in a very derogatory manner. Armed with this knowledge, he took to the road and headed to her “concert” in San Francisco, CA on January 21st, 2017. iDubbbz bought tickets to the show, purchased Tana’s merchandise, and then bought VIP meet-and-greet tickets so that he could make his point by posing for a picture and telling her to “Say n*****!” …And Tana took the bait.

Tana Mongeau did not recognize iDubbbz and, after their meeting, she posted a 25 minute video where she dramatized the incident and used it as a weird political tool and, of course, a great way to get attention and make money. In this video she makes wild claims and tells some outright lies and it looks to be paying off in views and thousands of new subscribers. However, once her video started to gain massive attention, her hypocrisy was quickly exposed and shortly after, iDubbbz released a Content Cop episode showing what actually happened… And Tana was exposed in a horribly embarrassing way.

Racism is bad, kids. It should absolutely be called out and fought against… But with the right intentions and motives. Identity politics, hyperbole, and playing the victim are powerful tools for influencing people and in this episode of Poisoning the Well, PhatPat gets a demonstration of this from So Fain. Is this how we should fight for equality? Probably not.

Oh… And don’t go shouting racial slurs in public… Keep it classy, kids. And we’d apologize for making you want to unsubscribe but the truth is that you seriously need to stop being such a delicate snowflake.

iDubbbz Content Cop on Tana Mongeau:
Tana Mongeau “The N Word” Video:

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